White Papers

An Open Letter to All Pastors
A brief discussion of the knowledgeable believer and the resources available for getting more in-depth with the Word of God. It includes an overview of the process that we use to evaluate sermons, teachings, preachings, and religious writings and how the Bible is used as the final authority - not denominationalism, doctrines, or man-made traditions.
Published May 12, 2014.

The Infallible Word of God
Ever curious about the different translations of the Bibles and how they stack up against one another? Check out this whitepaper for a brief review of some of the top selling Bible translations and a look at what drove their development, what biases they may have, and which Scriptures are questionable. Also introduces tips for picking out a Bible (or two) that will work for getting into the Word of God yourself.
Published May 15, 2014.

Bible vs Doctrine
A look at how church doctrines, whether based on the Scriptures or man's interpretation, are like wearing "prescription glasses on top of contacts while standing in the rain." Using the doctrine of baptism, provides a brief comparison of four different church doctrines and provides the Scriptures that you can use to review what God's Word says for yourself. An endorsement to all to remove their prescriptions and read what the Word of God really says. Published May 19, 2014.

A Literal Literary Test
How do you know if your pastor is preaching the Word of God or his own personal perspective? You don't unless you literally check what he says against the Word of God. This is a concept that cannot be stressed enough! Today's church has gotten lazy and is accepting what man says instead of really looking to see what God says. Published May 23, 2014.

A Follower of Christ? Or A Pharisee?
Recently, the Barna Research Group, (a private, non-partisan, for-profit organization) conducted a survey to determine if Christians were “More Like Jesus or Pharisees?” The survey composed of four components - two for determining Christ-like behavior and two for determining behavior more in line with the Pharisees, or an attitude of “Self-Righteousness”. We reviewed the results of the survey as posted and were stunned. Let us explain why. Published May 26, 2014.

What Does the Bible Really Say Concerning Hair Length?
Some church denominations and organizations teach that women and girls should not cut their hair - ever. The basis for this teaching is, in part, due to several passages included in 1 Corinthians. Read along and see why we disagree with this interpretation and teaching of the Scriptures as we look at the key words including: long, shave, shorn, and cut.
Published July 5, 2014.

We Left Our Church over the Sabbath
Many people today seem to believe that the fourth commandment is no longer in effect. Our study of this issue eventually led us to leave our denominational church. Read along and see why we believe the Sabbath is still a commandment to be obeyed according to the Scriptures. Join us as we look at many of the verses pertaining to the Sabbath.
Published January 3, 2015.

Hebrew vs. Greek
There seems to be a debate today on whether or not the New Testament was written originally in Hebrew or in Greek. We took the time to research both sides of the argument from a Scriptural, archaeological, and historical perspective to determine exactly what we believe. Follow along this journey of research with us and make your own decision.
Published June 13, 2015.